Marijuana and Teen Use – Smoking Pot has Lasting Effects on Brain

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Careful! Chronic teen marijuana use can actually have lasting effects on the brain. The results of a recent study found that people who start smoking pot before the age of 16 have lower cognitive function. This is a bit scary considering that the prevailing thought is that it is no big deal to smoke pot and that other things are much worse.

Early Marijuana Use Worse Than Later Marijuana Use for Brain

Teen marijuana use has lasting brain effects. (MEXICO - Tags: CRIME LAW SOCIETY)

Interestingly, those who started smoking pot later in life did not have the same negative brain effects (good news for those older adults who want to try some marijuana). In the study, a chronic marijuana smoker was one who smoked pot five out of the past seven days. The results suggest that teens who started smoking early had trouble maintaining their focus and were not able to stay with a set of rules, which is a bit troubling to say the least. It is also somewhat surprising for most people.

It appears that marijuana use as a teen negatively affects the developing brain. In fact, most drugs have a negative effect on the brain when started early. One thing this study suggests is that an effort must be made on educating teens and their parents about the dangers of early marijuana use. This seems like it couldn’t hurt. The interesting thing is if this information is actually a reason to go ahead and legalize marijuana and put an age on it, or is it a reason to keep it illegal? What do you think? Also, are you a chronic marijuana smoker? If so, did you start as a teen? Do you think it affected your brain?

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