Marijuana on Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus!

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Swedish police found marijuana on Justin Bieber’s tour bus. Is the “As Long As You Love Me” singer in big trouble now?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, although some sources are saying this never took place, others say Swedish police raided Justin’s tour bus about thirty minutes after he took the stage in Stockholm on Wednesday.

Justin Bieber - The Bieberhood Fan Site“A colleague felt a strong smell of marijuana [when it was parked in front of the Grand Hotel], like someone had been smoking in the bus,” a Stockholm police source says.

The bus was raided in a parking garage at the venue where the “Beauty and A Beat” singer was performing.

“We found a small amount of alleged narcotics and an electroshock weapon,” the source adds.

While it doesn’t sound like any arrests were made, this does raise the question about whether the pot on the bus was Justin’s or belonged to a member of his entourage instead. Either way it doesn’t speak well of the entire Bieber tour.

So many of Justin’s fans are children and for that reason (as well as others) there shouldn’t even be any mention of drugs in conjunction with the singer.

Justin tried to do a bit of image repair on Thursday when he tweeted about (supposedly) the incident.

“some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever…back to the music,” he wrote.

A source close to Justin says the rumors aren’t true–but isn’t that what all sources ‘close to the singer’ say?

Do you think Justin Bieber smokes pot on his tour bus and someone failed to clean up the evidence? Or do you think it’s a member of Justin’s crew that smokes marijuana instead?

And what will Selena Gomez think when she finds out? She is dead set against any form of illegal drug use–even something as seemingly benign as pot. Might this nix the reconciliation between Justin and Selena?

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