Marilyn Bagley Pleads Guilty to Grooming Handicapped Teen to Be Husband’s ‘Sex Slave’

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Think you’ve heard everything? Well, a couple in Missouri takes the cake for depravity. The 47-year-old wife, Marilyn Bagley, admits to grooming a handicapped teenage girl to becoming a sex slave for her husband. The girl was a runaway who was recruited by Bagley when she was sixteen and moved into the couple’s trailer when she was seventeen, even though Bagley stresses that the husband and the teenager never actually had sex until she turned eighteen.

Bagley pled guilty to conA photo provided by the LaClede County (Mo.) Sheriff's Office shows Ed Bagley.spiracy to commit sex trafficking so that prosecutors would drop her other charges. If the judge accepts the recommendation of the prosecutors as per the deal, she will serve only probation. The husband, Ed Bagley, is due to go on trial in February. However, the attorney for Ed Bagley said that she wasn’t told about the plea deal. “I really question why this was done in secret, and I wasn’t given notice as I would be normally,” said Susan Dill.

Of course, there is more to this story than just the sex slave part. Who knows that Ed Bagley was into, but there are four men who are also on trial, James Noel, Michael Stokes and Dennis Henry and Bradley Cook that have admitted going to the couple’s trailer and torturing the mentally handicapped girl in exchange for money or cigarettes from Marilyn Bagley.

What is wrong with the world when someone thinks it is okay to recruit teenagers as sex slaves and then hire people to torture them while the husband (whom was apparently called “Master” by those who lived in the trailer) gets his rocks off. This is a disturbing story that truly makes one wonder if the human race has any future. Any future at all.

Photo: LaClede County, MO Sheriff’s Office

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