Marilyn Monroe’s first photo shoot images go up for auction

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Marilyn Monroe’s first photo shoot images are going up for auction. The world’s infatuation with Norma Jean grows along with the years that pass by since her death. Marilyn Monroe’s images are just as popular today as they were the day she died, if not more in demand today.

The 1946 pictures of Norma Jean in her pre-celebrity days will sell at auction as a part of a bankruptcy case. The sale of the photos at auction came out of the ruling passed down from a Florida bankruptcy judge who told the photographer to sell the photos as part of his assets in the bankruptcy.

The group includes Marilyn Monroe images in pictures and negatives, along with the image copyrights and these all go up for auction in December. The photographer Joseph Jasgur’s collection is rare, very rare and for that reason experts find it hard to tag a monetary value on the lot.

Darren Julien, Chief of Julien’s Auctions said, “it’s very rare to see something where you can buy a copyrighted image of (Monroe), especially of her first photo shoot.” Jasgur was hired to take these photos of Marilyn by the Blue Book modeling agency. He was shooting an unknown woman at the time.

The pictures show a very young Marilyn Monroe before the iconic blonde hair. The Huffington Post has published two of the black and white shots of Norma Jean. The pictures might evoke a bit of sadness as you see this healthy teen, yet untouched by Hollywood’s poisons of that era.

Marilyn had no way of knowing her fate when she posed for these pictures and the look of enthusiasm on her face pales when you remember the outcome she suffered once she’s discovered.

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