©2010 Robert C Burnham


She gives guttural cries

Slotted on the salted deck

Her journey below, she lies

Buried in sand – her wreck

Stem to stern she twists and turns

Sufferer of nature’s lam

Splintered craft, Poseidon’s wrath

Stealing men from old Black Sam

Sheets of spume, a weathered plume

They can see Marconi’s Beach

Ship of fools, a random doom

One hundred souls out of reach

Wailing moans, rise all alone

As she’s still caught between

The Lord our God and Davy Jones

An eternal year,




For Whetstone:

To Captain Black Sam and the pirate ship Whydah (pictured), lost off Cape Cod, April 27, 1717.

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My trade and I parted ways... I am now a Geography Major at UNC. And I am still a Christian Cowboy Werewolf Writer, Poet & Photographer.

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