Mario Lopez’s Ex-Wife Calls Him a Cheater and a Liar

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Ex-wives are rarely happy with their ex-husbands and Mario Lopez’s ex-wife isn’t giving him a break these days. She recently gave an interview and she is not making him look like a great catch. In fact, she is making him out to be the most unreliable person to be in a relationship with, calling him both a cheater and a liar. When Ali Landry stopped by The Wendy Williams Show, she didn’t hold back about how horrible of a man he really is.

She admits that she should have put the brakes on the marriage just hours before the event, because of some rumors that she heard about Mario. “I had heard something right before the wedding: He swore that it was not true, but I had that feeling in my gut,” Landry, 38, said. “All of my family was flying in, it was a destination wedding, and I really should have put the brakes on it at that point, but I was afraid.” But what could she possibly have heard? Well, it was enough to make her doubt her marriage, but she went through with it. And even though their marriage didn’t last, it seems that Mario Lopez can’t admit to doing whatever she thinks he did. “I confronted him and he still to this day, he denied it and never apologized: It was horrible.”

Well, apparently Landry started getting some phone calls from girls, but Mario kept denying he was cheating. The phone calls and accusations were enough for Landry, who filed for divorce just two weeks after tying the knot in a destination wedding. She shouldn’t be with a man who has cheated on her and she shouldn’t have married if she had doubts. But at least she is over that chapter of her life now. The two haven’t spoken since. Now that’s what one calls going cold turkey on a marriage.

Although Mario has moved on from the two-week long marriage, this surely isn’t something he wants associated with his name. He hasn’t spoken on the accusations, but if they are truth, he is smart to just keep his mouth shut.

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