Marjorie and Gerald Selbee ‘Cheat’ Lottery to Win Millions

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Marjorie and Gerald Selbee have “cheated” the lottery, and stand to win millions. That seems odd? How would they be able to actually cheat to win the lotto?

Well, each of the pair purchased $307,000 worth of $2 tickets in the Massachusets Cash WinFall lottery for a total of $614,000 in $2 tickets over three days. So far, this sounds on the up and up.

Marjorie and Gerald Selbee Technically, they did not truly cheat. Instead, Marjorie and Gerald Selbee took advantage of a lottery loophole to receive nearly risk-free winnings. This couple has done this before, and they have already won over $1 million in the lottery just this year.

Since 2004, only one person has won the Cash WinFall jackpot. Even so, the game’s top five players still win between $1 million to $6 million each year because of timing. The jackpot starts at $500,000, and it grows up to $2.5 million. When it reaches the limit without a winner, the large pot is distributed over several smaller winners who only have partial matches, which is how people like Marjorie and Gerald Selbee end up winning so much.

The key to winning is buying a very large amount of tickets during the “roll-down” week. Most people do not have enough cash to purchase $500,000 worth of tickets, which is why everybody is not able to take advantage of this loophole. What about you? Is this something you would ever do? It’s amazing to have risk-free gambling in this lottery game.

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