Mark Ruffalo The Next Hulk?

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According to E! Online sources, Mark Ruffalo will be replacing Ed Norton as The Hulk in the upcoming Avengers movie. Ruffalo is not really known for doing action movies so seeing him in one might take some time to adjust. However, choosing serious actors to act as the superheroes over actors that just look the part may be a wise decision. Actors can always beef up and use CGI to alter their appearance to look more the part. You can not do the same for acting ability. Negotiations have not taken place yet so there could always be a change.

Personally, I thought Ed Norton was very good in the previous Hulk movie even if the movie itself was mediocre. However, talks between Norton and Marvel went down the toilet recently as both parties threw verbal bombs at each other. Marvel basically claimed they did not want Norton because he does not fit in with the rest of the cast and was not up to snuff for the part. Norton claimed that it was really more of a money issue on Marvel’s part because Marvels had been interested in him until money became an issue. I have to side with Norton on this one. He is a very talented actor and I have no doubt that he would have fit in with the rest of The Avengers cast, some of whom he is already friends with. This really just seems like a money problem and Marvel did not want to look cheap. Instead, they looked dumb by trying to trash Norton.


What do you think of Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk? Do you think Ed Norton would be better?

Source: E! Online

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