Mark Salter: Author of “O”?

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Mark Salter may be the author of O! No, it’s not The Story of O but it is O: A Presidential Novel. Yes, it’s the latest O story which was published on Jan. 25th. The O A Presidential Novel.JPGbook’s tagline is “truth only fiction can tell.” The author chose to remain anonymous but that hasn’t stopped literary detectives from tracking down whom they think he may be.

Thus far, the majority of people believe OÂ’s author is Mark Salter. Mark has refused to comment about the book and his silence only adds to the whispers of others. O: A Presidential Novel is about the 2012 U.S. Presidential race and has ruffles several feathers in the political community.

Hopefully one day, Mark Salter will end all speculations and let everyone know whether or not he is the actual author. It would be a shame if the author remained unknown forever. Seriously, the world eventually found out who “Deep Throat” was so there’s some hope the O’s author will be identified… some day.

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