Mark Sanchez picks his nose, wipes it where? (Video)

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Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez suffered a tough loss on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Knowing that his season was over probably was enough to keep the guy down in the dumps (with coach Rex Ryan) for quite some time. However, a new video has surfaced that may have him burying his head in the ground for even longer.


The video wMark Sanchez - Jets - Sept 2009hich was posted on TMZ shows Mark Sanchez picking his nose and then wiping his winnings on the guy next to him, who happened to be his teammate. The curious thing about the whole ordeal is that the “other guy” looks at his jacket where Sanchez casually placed the booger and kept on talking! It really makes you wonder if this is a normal occurrence!

In the video below, you can clearly see Sanchez digging for gold and what happens next is just gross! Sure, everyone picks their nose, but everyone knows that it’s what you do with the booger that matters. Say that three times fast.


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