Mark Wahlberg’s Secret Trip to Afghanistan

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Singer and actor Mark Wahlberg made a secret trip to the country of Afghanistan right before Christmas. His mission was to visit U.S. troops and bring them “well wishes and love and support” from home.

According to Reuters, “The Fighter” star didn’t want any publicity for his trip to Afghanistan, unlike so many celebrities who arrange for it when visiting the troops.  Wahlberg made it quite clear that this trip wasn’t about him, but rather about the troops over there who are serving our country.

Wahlberg explained that he felt the need to see the conditions the U.S. troops were enduring in order to help bring freedom to the people of Afghanistan. He also wanted to see how the people of Afghanistan were living.

“It was something that I was very excited about doing, and I’m very glad that I made the journey,” he says.

Mark Wahlberg’s initial claim to fame was as a rapper. He is the brother of “New Kids on the Block” singing star and actor Donnie Wahlberg. Mark went on to both star in and produce the HBO hit “Entourage,” and now stars in “The Fighter.”

Wahlberg shared “The Fighter” with the troops in Afghanistan. He also ate with them, answered many of their questions, signed autographs and visited those who were in the hospital.

How did Mark Wahlberg’s family feel about him going to a war-torn and very dangerous country right before Christmas? After all, he is a husband and father of four. It seems they (especially his wife) were gravely concerned, but understood his need to go, and supported the trip.

When asked if he was frightened before and during his foray into Afghanistan, Wahlberg had this to say.

“I probably would have felt a little safer had I had my own weapons … but no, I’m a very spiritual guy and I get on my hands and my knees and ask God to protect me,” he said.

Mark Wahlberg grew up in a large family in a sort of rough-and-tumble Boston suburb. His modest upbringing likely led to the humble man he is today, as well as his innate sense of needing to give back. Those who know him say he is genuinely a nice and good man, with a heart even bigger than his talent.

Kudos to Mark Wahlberg for his pre-Christmas trip to Afghanistan to visit the U.S. troops, and even bigger kudos to him for keeping his trip quiet and from the press. That act alone speaks of the goodness in his heart and the kind of man that lives underneath the facade of “The Fighter.”

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