Marketplace discussion: Can Cairo afford globalization?

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Marketplace’s Scott Jagow sat down with Diane Singerman (she co-edited the book “Cairo Cosmopolitan.”)  to ponder: Can Cairo afford globalization?

Are Cairo’s citizen and tourist needs at odds? How can a city survive and flourish more than a millennium? As Jagow points out, “…modern Cairo dates back more than 1,000 years. How does a city that’s so old maintain its infrastructure?” Singerman acknowledges it is a difficult situation. It gave me pause. Humans like to remedy situations or search for answers, and I wondered what solutions or sensitivities we might identify in open conversation.

For discussion: Can Cairo find balance between its history and its future? How does it fit into the global perspective? Is this about culture or finances?

Julia Schrenkler
Interactive Producer
Minnesota Public Radio
American Public Media

Note: This is an open discussion. I’ll continue with a conversation series about the Marketplace collection The Middle East at Work.

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