Marriage Equality 2013: Senator Johnson Changes His Position

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United States Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota has reversed his position on gay marriage. Historically, Sen. Johnson has been very outspoken against same-sex marriages. He was one of the politicians who voted for measures in 1996 to define marriage as a union between a woman and a man. Today, he announced that he now supports marriage equality. Of course, he really doesn’t have much to lose since he announced last month that he is retiring.

There are now only three U.S. Senate Democrats who haven’t announced their support of same-sex marriage. When you consider where those three are from, it gets a little more interesting. Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana are both up for reelection in traditionally Republican states. The third is Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

With all of the recent news of politicians changing their stand on gay marriage, could it be that politicians are finally listening to their constituents? If so, that is certainly a welcome change from what has been going on in the government.

Sen. Johnson made a very interesting point in his statement about same-sex marriage. He said, “This position doesn’t require any religious denomination to alter any of its tenets; it simply forbids government from discrimination regarding who can marry whom.” That should help to ease the minds of Christians everywhere who seem to think that legalizing same-sex marriages would somehow infringe on religion. These bills aren’t requiring churches to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, and they aren’t forcing anyone to marry a person of the same sex. These bills just give people the freedom to marry the person they love, regardless of sex or gender.

What do you think about marriage equality?

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