Married Chris Hansen Allegedly Caught Cheating on Video

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NBC anchor Chris Hansen is on the other side of the lens as the National Enquirer reports they caught him cheating on his wife with a woman from Florida. The reporter made a controversial name for himself as the host of To Catch A Predator, an NBC news program which lured men into responding to what they thought were underage girls looking for sex on the web.

To Catch a Predator title cardAlthough the program seemed to fulfill a real need by exposing the seamy underbelly of Internet chat rooms, NBC and Hansen have taken plenty of heat for sensationalizing the results of the undercover sting for ratings. In 2006, one of the men caught committed suicide because of one of the reports.

Hansen, a married man with children, allegedly started the affair a few months ago with Kristyn Caddell, a 30-year-old local TV reporter from Florida. The Enquirer reports it has undercover video of the two meeting for dinner at a Florida restaurant and then heading back to Caddell’s apartment overnight.

If this is true, it’s a pretty stupid thing for Hansen to do. He must have known that this is exactly the kind of story that some news organizations would try to get. Even though Hansen’s news stories were very popular on TV, he took a lot of heat by displaying what seemed to be phony outrage over the activities of the men caught in the sting.

People who live in glass houses…

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