Married Couple Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon Learn They’re Related

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Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, who are husband and wife, have discovered a disturbing secret; they are actually distant cousins. A new television special, Finding Your Roots with top genealogist Henry Louis Gates, Jr., determined the relation and apparently the couple was not too pleased. Of course, they aren’t nearly related enough to count as keeping them from being together, but many find even relation by marriage to be awkward.

“It turns out they share two things—they both are descendants from people who owned slaves, and they are indeed distant cousins,” Henry Louis Gates, Jr. said.
According to WENN, several other celebrities File:KevinBacon07TIFF.jpgFile:KyraSedgwickJune09.jpghad surprises in store for them when they heard the results of the research. While interest in genealogy is a growing trend, there are those who would rather just not know where they came from. Obviously Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon weren’t afraid of what they might learn from the research, and now they have a funny story to share.

The show’s top genealogist reveals, “We don’t have any prior agreements with anyone (over what could be disclosed), and we just did the stories. We have a team of genealogists. We have different genealogists for different people—some are more expert on African-Americans, some on Jewish people, some on Ashkenazi-Jewish people, some on Asian people. But whatever we find, we try to boil it down to three or four narrative arcs.” In some cases, genealogy can take years to find answers. Other cases lead only to dead ends. Do you know anything about your ancestors?

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