‘Married to Jonas’ Recap: Dinner with the In-Laws

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Jonas fans have been excited for Married to Jonas to appear on their TV screens and now the moment has arrived. On the premiere episode of this new reality show, cameras follow the lives of the eldest Jobro, Kevin Jonas, and his lovely wife Danielle. It shows not only the pressures of a young couple getting used to being married, but also a wife that has to get used to the demands of a musician’s life. They have been married since 2009 and at this point in their marriage, baby talk is running rampant. This episode is not only about getting to know Kevin and Danielle, but also meeting both sides of the family.

Danielle’s dad, Bucky, is quite a character. He likes to eat a lot and he also likes to walk in on the couple unexpectedly. The Deleasa family lives quite close so he is able to walk to their house. Dani is used to his antics but Kevin…not so much. Just as they are getting cozy upstairs, they hear his voice. He brings food and talks about food. He seems to know what he is talking about when he discusses the fine art of cooking. Dani takes note.

Danielle seems to get nervous when she has to walk the red carpet but that is not as surprising as the fact that she gets even more nervous in front of her mother-in-law, Denise Jonas. Kevin says that there is pressure on his wife because she is the first female in the family other than his mom. Dani tells the camera that she is so organized and put together that she is afraid she will do or say something wrong. She also said that she needs to find her voice in the Jonas family.

She will have an opportunity because they have decided to have the whole Jonas family over for dinner. But Dani doesn’t have to do it alone because her mom Angela and older sister Dina are in the kitchen to help out beforehand. Dina is a girl who tells it like it is so she has no problem telling her sister how she feels. It was pretty funny when she said, “Not everyone has a spaceship for a kitchen.” Danielle and Kevin have a spiff when Kevin jokes around when his wife mentions a banana. She felt that it was disrespectful to her mother and made her feel uncomfortable when he made a dirty joke in front of her family. However, they quickly make up. Who could be mad at Kevin Jonas for very long?

It was great to see Nick, Joe and Kevin back in the recording studio. New music is in the works for them soon. It was interesting to see just how competitive Kevin is with his younger brother Nick. The youngest Jonas Brother seems to get in his own little world when he is in the studio. Joe looked like he was just trying to stay out of the competitive nature of his brothers.

The Jonas family arrives for dinner, which gives Danielle butterflies. It looks like a bit of tension between her and her mother-in-law when Denise starts giving some advice in the kitchen. But then again, what are in-laws for? The two Jonas women have said that they get along just great and love each other so this just looks like an adjustment period for the both of them.

The dinner turns into a business meeting, which Kevin admits that this is not unusual. The conversation turns into a tour and babies. Papa Jonas says that his wife should come first; however, the fact is that the boys also have a career to think about. Nick tells them that a baby affects the family and their musical career. It looks like Danielle is left out of the conversation. You have to feel a bit sorry for her at that point. This is a private matter for her and Kevin to discuss but the fact is that she married a musician who also is in a band. Everything they do affects them and their tour timeline.

Later, Danielle tells her husband that in addition to his dream of being a musician, her dream is to have a big family one day and she feels like she doesn’t have a say in when this happens. She also doesn’t want to have a baby while on the road. In the end, Danielle said, “It’s just not feeling like the right time for us.”

Do you think the recent Mrs. Jonas is being pressured to wait for a baby or is she comfortable in this most important decision?

What is your impression of this new reality show? It is a shame that Married to Jonas is only half-an-hour-long. It sure is a nice change from the Kardashians and is a lot more fun to watch.

What are your thoughts? Will Kevin and Danielle be a new reality power couple?

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