‘Married to Jonas’ Recap: Italy with the In-Laws, Part 1

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This week on Married to Jonas, Kevin and Danielle travel with the Deleasa family to Italy. Even Mrs. Deleasa made it on the plane. It was revealed last week that she has a real fear of flying. Dani explained that her mother has always had anxieties since she could remember and that she also has some of her own.

The family lands safely in Italy and head to their hotel. They are amazed by the architectural detail of the rooms, including the awesome bathtub. As they are talking about what they all wantSorrento to do, Bucky announces that it is gelato day! No one else seems to be too enthused by this, but it sure makes daddy Deleasa happy.

While having a bite to eat, the family notices that Danielle is just not herself since arriving in Italy. She admits to having panic attacks, especially since her car accident. Back at the hotel room, Kevin asks his wife about her attacks. She says that it has been worse for her and that she is back on anxiety medication. She also admits that it is better to wait to have a baby until her health improves. Kevin agrees.

The family finally heads out to start their Italian tour of the city. They find everything amazing, but where the heck is Bucky? He is out celebrating gelato day! He says, “I can see the architecture and everything in a book, but I ain’t gonna taste no gelato in no book.” Bucky has turned out to be one cool dude on this show. He tries one kind of gelato, and another, and another. He finally joins the rest of the family after satisfying his sweet tooth. After a while, they started getting a huge crowd following them around. Of course, they do have cameras everywhere they go, so the Italians must know they are some sort of celebrities doing a TV show. Dina came to understand what Dani was talking about when she tells her that she gets a little nervous with people following them all over the place. Dina finally gets it.

As the family is out having a relaxing meal, Kevin gets a call, which makes Dani unhappy. He had promised her he wouldn’t take any business calls while on vacation. He says that he has to take this one. Later, the family is ready for some more fun in the big city. However, Kevin has been on the phone all morning. He has some news. The call was about an opportunity for Kevin to take part in some sort of music reality show that would be a dream-come-true for him. The bad part is that he would have to leave right away to meet with them in LA. He seems to be torn on what to do. With Danielle having her issues, it may just add to all that she is feeling at the moment.

Next week on Married to Jonas, Kevin will be making a decision on whether he should stay or go. What do you think Kevin will do?

How do you feel about Danielle’s anxiety issues taking center stage on the show? Some people might say that she has everything going for her. Why would she have these kinds of panic attacks and anxiousness, especially the kind of life that she leads being married to a Jonas? It just goes to show that no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, these issues are definitely real for anyone.

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