‘Married to Jonas’ Recap: More Baby Talk in Texas

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This week on Married to Jonas, Kevin and Danielle visit mama and papa Jonas in Texas. The house, which is located right outside of Dallas, is called the Jonas compound. Kevin talks about how western the house is with deer heads and leather furniture.

The family had a gathering that included Kevin’s grandparents, his friend Cavanaugh and Bob, a spiritual advisor who is also a good friend of the family. Kevin explained that his grandpa Jerry was diagnosed with liver cancer but has been well taken care of. Denise also took this opportunity to have Bob talk to Kevin and Danielle about babies…in front of everyone. Kevin does not you're the voice i hear inside my head, the reason that i'm singingappreciate the fact that his mom included everyone in the conversation when this was obviously something personal. Poor Danielle started to tear up.

Bob took the couple out on the deck to chat with them personally. He told them that they will be at peace about having a baby when the time is right. Danielle admitted that she has no peace right now and that she has been that way for a while. She also said that she has been on anti-anxiety medications for a couple of years. That was a little surprising to hear, but then again, this is not an unusual thing for most people.

Dani is invited to tea with her mother-in-law and some of her friends while Kevin went out with his dad and Nick, who flew in from London to be with the family, to go skeet shooting. They looked like they have been practicing. Papa Jonas told the boys about their European tour coming up soon. Kevin wasn’t so sure how his wife would feel about this. However, he has nothing to worry about because she told the ladies at tea that she was excited about going on tour.

To get their minds off of baby talk, Kevin took Danielle, Nick and a couple of friends to a rodeo. They had a great time but Kevin decides that it is time to have a chat with his mom about what happened earlier. The conversation between Kevin and Mrs. Jonas was interesting. Who knew mama Jonas was so strong minded? She even admitted to being a little jealous and she told Kevin that she is having trouble seeing her first-born grow up and not being able to see him that often. Kevin said that he is feeling so much pressure from both families. You have to feel bad for Kevin. It looked like he was torn between trying to protect his wife and respecting his mother. When she made a comment about how Dani uses paper napkins instead of cloth, Kevin got upset and walked away.

Later, Kevin talked to Danielle about the conversation with his mom. He told her that she is his foundation and that he wants to protect her. How sweet is that? Most Jonas fans probably sighed very loudly at those comments.

Next week on Married to Jonas, Kevin and Danielle are back home. Bucky is the center of attention as the Deleasa family is concerned about his health.

What did you think about this episode? Does this change how you view the Jonas family? It looks like they have issues they need to work out just like any other family.

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