‘Married to Jonas’ Recap: Photo Shoot Anxiety

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This week on Married to Jonas, Papa Jonas is being honored for Father of the Year in LA. He has been heavily involved with the American Diabetes Association because of son Nick having Type 1 diabetes. The whole family gathered together for this event. The boys got up on stage to honor their father as they said that they want to be as good of a husband and father as their dad is. Mr. Jonas got all teary-eyed listening to his sons. It was a touching moment for the Jonas family.

Kevin and itaDanielle get an offer to appear on the cover of Social Life Magazine. Dani says that she doesn’t like all the negativity when she is the focus. She has even been called ugly. She is hesitant but Kevin talks her into it. He has a way of doing that.

Sister Dina takes Dani to a movements coach to get loosened up. She calls her sister awkward and thinks she moves like a robot. Dina shakes her booty like JLo while they both crawl on the floor as part of the class. The girls have a little fun with it and eventually Dan loosens up a bit. Success!

At the photo shoot, Kevin and Dani have fun posing in front of the camera, especially in the pool. Kevin commented on how many people were on hand for the shoot. The couple is also invited to a party in the Hamptons which makes Dani a little nervous about it.

At dinner with Dina and her husband, more baby talk comes up once again. Kevin talks about his age and having kids. He sounds like he wants them while his is still quite young. Dani once again tells him that her dream is to stay at home to raise a family and Kevin once again reminded her that he was raised on the road. The conversation turns to the photo shoot when Kevin shows off the gorgeous photo of them on his phone. Dani is so critical of herself that she starts tearing up because she thinks that people wouldn’t like it. Dina says that her sister feels so much pressure being married to a celebrity and having to look a certain way. The photos are gorgeous! She certainly has nothing to worry about. Kevin also reminds her that she is beautiful in them.

Kevin is co-hosting with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly on the fourth of July. Dani decides to skip the show to get ready for the party. Kevin shows his excitement as he says that hosting is just one of his passions. He steps out on stage and does a great job in the hot seat. He even got dunked in a tank full of water at the end of the show.

When Kevin arrives home, he gets a call from Dani telling him that she was in a car accident. Kevin goes into panic mode and races out the door. Dani is okay but the front end of her car is smashed as she ended up hitting a telephone pole. It could have been much worse. Danielle ended up with a black eye and a bruised up shoulder. You could tell that Kevin was pretty shook up over it.

Danielle recovered from the accident but she and Kevin were not able to attend the party. Dani said she was disappointed, but she started to feel more comfortable about the photos for the magazine. She did, however, tell Kevin, “If I act too excited, then you’re probably going to make me do another one.”

Married to Jonas has brought out some tough topics on what it is like being married to a celebrity when you are not one yourself. For Danielle, fans get to see her as just a normal person trying to not only deal with a new marriage, but also being front and center with cameras snapping everywhere she goes.

What do you think of this reality show so far?

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