Marshmallow Vodka Leads to Burglary, Police Chase

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Marshmallow vodka is just the latest in a line of lame excuses by Chicago criminals. A 19-year-old man (theoretically not even old enough to have the liquor that he said caused him to commit the crimes) was found asleep on a stranger’s sofa Christmas morning after a night of calamity.

While Santa was busy delivering presents, apparently Howard Brundage was getting his own version of Christmas cheer on. Not only is he accused of burglary, but he led police on an hour-long foot chase throughout the Riverside neighborhood in which the crime occurred.

Brundage claims to remember little after the consumption of the marshmallow vodka, but has been charged with “felony residential burglary, criminal trespass to a residence and criminal damage to property,” as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

While in the midst of his crime spree, police blocked off the perimeter of the neighborhood and searched for the man without any luck. Apparently, he was already taking refuge on the sofa of a stranger, to be discovered hours later by a female homeowner, who called police about the sleeping burglar.

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