Martha Stewart Annoyed Over Bloodied Audience Member

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Martha Stewart is back on TV with her new show, and she’s kicking it off with being annoyed over an audience member gushing blood and postponing the show’s taping!

Martha, who is now airing on Hallmark’s channel is back on air. Her first episode has taped as of Monday and already she’s making news – and not in the good sort of way.

Sept. 10, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - MARTHA STEWART attends the 6th Annual Fashion Award Benefit Luncheon honoring designer Karl Lagerfeld held at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. © Red Carpet Pictures

Apparently according to a report by Perez Hilton, a camera was doing a typical sweep of the live audience and it accidentally hit an audience member in the head causing her to gush blood! Instead of being concerned about the injured audience member she was concerned about the delay that dealing with the lady would cause for taping the show.

Can you really be that self-centered, Martha? Read the excerpts about the incident from Perez Hilton’s site and see for yourself.

“As soon as they begin taping, midwest housewives are going crazy etc. when all of a sudden, everything stops. One of the cameras that was doing a sweep of the audience hit this woman in the head and she was GUSHING blood from her face. Martha was not amused, she sort of just looked annoyed the the show was even further delayed. The woman was rushed off and her family later removed and replaced by fillers.

…At the end martha had to read her “promo” lines for the camera, ie. “next time on martha stewart” etc… she’s going through them and all of a sudden told her producer that she wouldn’t say one of the lines because it was “LOW CLASS” literally, the line was “on the next martha…”

There’s no word on if the injured audience member was okay or what treatment was required for her injuries.

Was this annoyance due to worry over lawsuits and legal troubles or was Martha more upset over having to work a bit longer due to the delay? What do you think of Martha’s reaction?

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