Martha Stewart asks Twitter “Do you think I am hip?’

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Martha Stewart took to her Twitter account to ask her 2.3 million followers a very important question on Wednesday evening (August 17). What was it that was so important that Stewart devoted three tweets to find an answer?

Martha StewartMartha Stewart began with a simple post: “Do you think I am hip?” Now this is an interesting question by itself. First, is it a loaded question? Does Martha need her ego stroked since she just celebrated her 70th birthday? Will fans give her a straight answer? Why on Earth is she asking this kind of vague question on Twitter.

Thankfully, Martha Stewart followed up:

I am asking as part of advertising strategy. I know I am hip but do you?

Seriously? Someone thinks pretty highly of themselves. Now, she expects people to answer that after stating that she sees herself as “hip.”

The question, am I hip, is a very serious one. We are thinking of media buyers- tweet me

Note to Martha: Just because one has a Twitter page, it does not make them “hip.” Stuffy is stuffy anyway you package it, and Martha knows a ton about how to spruce things up. Perhaps she would be more “hip” if she stopped trying to use Twitter to “sell” stuff and actually interact with her customers.

If Martha Stewart were a bit more “approachable” and actually let people get to know her…maybe she would seem a bit “hipper.”

Photo: Peter Duhon, via Wikimedia Commons

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