Martha Stewart: Grandma to Surrogate Grandchild

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Martha Stewart is now a grandma! Her daughter, Alexis Stewart, welcomed a baby girl named Jude on Tuesday via a surrogate. Alexis choose to have her baby via gestational carrier after struggling to conceive naturally. In the end, a baby is a baby and all babies want to be loved and cared for. Whether or not she carried her baby naturally, there’s little doubt that Alexis will love the child very much.

Speaking about Martha Stewart, Alexis said her mother was not going to go by the traditional term of grandma.

Alexis stated, “Martha is going to be called, ‘Martha.’ She seemed to have no problem with it. … I was like, ‘Do you really want to be ‘grandma’? I don’t like the term grandma!”

Well, it’s not too surprising that Alexis doesn’t want Martha Stewart to be called “grandma,” because even Alexis calls her “Martha!”

You can just tell that household was filled with love and warmth when Alexis was growing up. Hopefully, Jude will grow up wanting to call Alexis “mom.” Only time will tell.

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