Martha Stewart Hospitalized Due to Dog’s Headbutt

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Martha Stewart was hospitalized after one of her many dogs headbutted her. The incident left Martha with a sizable gash on her upper lip which required 9 stitches to close it up! Yup, it looks like the domestic goddess didnÂ’t have any neat tips or tricks on how to mend a busted lip by oneÂ’s self.

However, Stewart didnÂ’t shy away from the cameras because she took to her personal blog to upload a few photos of her getting her lip stitched up during the time she was hospitalized. Needless to say, Martha did not look her best but she didnÂ’t look her worst either.

The whole dog headbutting incident occurred on Tuesday while Martha Stewart was bent over whispering goodbye to Francesca, her sleeping French bulldog. The animal was “startled” awake and slammed its head into the blond TV host’s face. Martha did state that she initially tried to stop the bleeding and contain the gash herself but once she realized that she was unable to use everyday household items to mend it, she took off for the local emergency room where she was hospitalized and fixed back up.

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