Martha Stewart Recommends Pig Intestines as Condoms?

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Martha Stewart is known for being a woman who gives especially sound advice for your everyday problems (well, maybe not sound financial or legal advice!), but in a segment on one of her recently aired talk shows, she had a bit of a lapse in judgment.

During a segment where she was doing a demonstration of how to make homemade sausage on her talk show, the television personality made a poorly thought out jab at the casing she was using, recommending that it would work well as a condom.

“Well, I bet they work if they work for sausage!”

Surely the producers of The Martha Stewart Show hadn’t scripted that one!

Martha Stewart side Shankbone 2010

How long has Martha Stewart been out of the game that she would advise pig intestines as a method of birth control?! Someone has clearly been spending far too much time elbow deep in raw meat!

What do you think of the misstep?

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