Martha Stewart Spends Birthday Pimping Home Depot Kitchen Line?

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Happy 70th birthday Martha Stewart. The designer and television star is not slowing down because it is her birthday. No, turning 70 today just means another day selling stuff via Twitter.

Martha StewartWhile one might expect a 70-year-old woman as well off as Martha Stewart would enjoy their birthday next to a pool, sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella in it brought to her by 20-something cabana boys, this is not the case. No, Martha was busy selling stuff. She is proving that “70” is the new “30.” She took to Twitter to promote her line of kitchen decor available at Home Depot:

I love the Martha Stewart Living Kitchens at @TheHomeDepot. They’re so beautiful! Watch this video & see for yourself!

Aside from the fact that most 70-year-olds do not have a Twitter following of over 2.3 million people, of course, she loves the kitchens bearing her name. She gets a cut from each sale from these “smart solutions.”

Perhaps the birthday present that Martha wants today is for people to drop in to Home Depot and buy something from her kitchen solutions line. What about enjoying your birthday, and turning off the ‘sell, sell, sell’ for 24-hours as one only turns 70 once!


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Photo: Peter Duhon, via Wikimedia Commons

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