Martin Luther King Jr. Day Is a Federal Holiday; Post Office, Banks, and Schools Closed

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day has a very special meaning in America. President Barack Obama will be sworn in at a public ceremony on Monday and it is also a time of reflection as it is a federal holiday marking the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Held on the third Monday of January each year, in 2013 the occasion is special as the President once again stands before the citizens of America and shares a moment after being reelected.

Martin Luther King, Jr.While some people will be working, there are quite a few establishments that will be closed on Monday. The day is a post office holiday and no mail will be delivered and no stamps will be sold at the local branches. Banks will also be closed and so will the stock market. Also closed are government offices including city, country, state, and federal agencies. Of course emergency services and daily required services will still be running around the country.

Martin Luther King Jr. is known for his involvement in the civil rights movement. Advocating nonviolent protests, he helped change racial discrimination in federal and state laws. The first time the national holiday was first observed was in 1986. However, not all the states honored the Martin Luther King Jr. Day federal holiday until 2000. The only federal holiday in January, it is a three-day weekend for most individuals who work in corporate and government jobs.

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