Marvel Studios movies for 2011: Captain America, the Avengers, Ghost Rider II?

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Several movie fan sites have reported the plot for “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Director Joe ohnston has even been interviewed about it.

So far, it looks like Captain America, in fact, will come out before the long-anticipated Avenger’s movie, but only by a matter of weeks. The Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) bit at the end of the first Iron Man movie led myself and probably millions of other comic book geeks to believe that the Avengers were next, but I guess that was just to throw us a curve.

I do know that much of Captain America will be set in World II. The story goes that the super powers and weapon he obtained in that effort allowed him to remain young-looking, limber and strong in the crime-fighting decades that followed.

Not much to go on as far as the Avengers, which would probably include Iron Man, Captain America, possibly Thor (another Marvel movie that is being filmed as we speak), Vision and some others that non-comic geeks might not be aware of.

As for Ghost Rider – there’s a lot of mixed reports, some of which say the movie is expected sooner than later. Supposedly Nick Cage is interested, but then again, supposedly he has too many other problems right now. Plus the first Ghose Rider got bad reviews, so it may not be a Marvel priority.

Did you know that a Captain America movie was actually made in 1990 (see photo). I just learned that today. I’m assuming, because I hadn’t heard of it then, that it was bad and probably went straight to video.  I also remember remember the 19899 release of Punisher, starring Dolph Lundgren. What’s he been up to?

See the 1990 Captain America trailer below. It has everything you ever dreamed in a bad movie from that era - cheesy mustaches, bad hair, ugly costumes. Who could ask for more:

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