Marvin Sease Dies at 64: ‘Candy Licker’ Singer an R&B Great

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Marvin Sease has died. The singer who is known to some as the Candy Licker Man passed away this week just days shy of his 65th birthday.

He was not as well known as other R&B and Blues greats like Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, or Teddy Pendergrass, but he was just as entertaining before an audience.

His music didn’t penetrate the mainstream, but his gift of song and entertainment was just as legendary.

When he died this week at 64 years old, a piece of history, grassroots style, went along with him.

The gifted entertainer began his colorful career, like many of his cohorts, in the church. Although he largely considered himself a gospel singer, he branched off later in life into R & B music. It was a logical pathway for many like Marvin Sease, who had the gift of song.

Like others, he was in search of a way out of tough economic and social conditions of the times, especially while living in the rural South, and during the turbulent ’60s.

Over the years after embarking on his music career, he formed a self-entitled group named Sease. It would become the beginning of his legacy. And, as many entertainers do, who are in search of their own brand and name in lights, Marvin Sease went solo.

He recorded the hit Ghetto Man, and began showcasing his talent on the so-called chitlin circuit in the deep rural South.

But perhaps, his biggest hit was Candy Licker, a racy and provocative hit that tore up the club scene, and was one of the most played songs on juke boxes.

The cause of Marvin Sease’s death has not been confirmed, but sources say the colorful entertainer died from complications of pneumonia.

What was your favorite Marvin Sease song?

Check out Sease’s Candy Licker video, here.

Photo credit: Soul Your Funk (album cover)

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