Mary Hart Tapes Final Entertainment Tonight Broadcast; Leaves Show After 29 Years

Mary Hart’s final broadcast of Entertainment Tonight has been taped. It is set to air on May 20 at 6:30 p.m. After 29 years of faithfully hosting the show, Mary is retiring to focus more on her personal life. Can anyone blame the beautiful blonde for wanting to move on after all these years?

Entertainment Tonight producers had Natalie Cole present for Hart’s final show. Natalie sang Unforgettable to Mary and the show was an emotional one. Her first broadcast for the show was taped back in 1982 and she has been the host ever since.

Speaking about her upcoming retirement, Hart had said, “I’d been thinking about this for a very long time knowing it would be difficult, and it is difficult. It’s a very strange feeling knowing that I’m doing a final show and actually saying goodbye on the air. It makes me very emotional at times.”

Mary isn’t the only person who’s emotional about her departure. Katz Media’s Bill Carroll said, “She will be missed. She has become iconic.”

There’s little doubt that Entertainment Tonight fans will miss Mary Hart. There are viewers of the show who have literally grown up watching her. Needless to say, ET just won’t be the same without her. Mary’s long time career with the show has become as legendary as Bob Barker’s stint with The Price is Right.

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