Mary Kennedy Suicide: What Role Did RFK, Jr. Play?

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What role did Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. play in Mary Kennedy’s death? Sources say he literally kicked her while she was down. The two were estranged since 2010, but he reportedly belittled her and threatened to pursue custody of their children.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Mary still referred to Robert as ‘her husband,’ right up until the day she took her own life. He in turn, it’s reported, filed restraining Mary Kennedyorders against her and tried to gain custody of the children.

“He was kicking her while she’s down, all alone in this house that she built,” a source says. “In the end, everything was just too much.”

In addition to the grief her husband was causing, Mary Kennedy was in some serious credit card debt. American Express had even filed a civil suit against her for an undisclosed amount of money.

Turning to prescription drugs and alcohol to ease her pain, she often spoke of suicide. Learning that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. walked the red carpet at the Riverkeeper Annual Fisherman’s Ball last month may have driven the proverbial last nail into her coffin.

“She faced losing her kids,” the source says. “And his relationship with Cheryl Hines was humiliating. At an event last month, he walked the red carpet with Cheryl as a couple and took the kids. She loved him. Her family and her home [were] her heart and soul. Even after they separated, she was pretending everything was fine. She’d still call him her husband. It was bizarre and sad.”

Clearly Mary Kennedy had lots of serious issues, and they were likely apparent long before she and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. separated. While he no doubt could have been more compassionate about his relationship with Cheryl Hines, he certainly can’t be blamed for his estranged wife’s suicide. It’s likely grieving him terribly.

One can’t truly judge the behavior of those close to alcoholics and drug abusers until they have walked that first long mile in their shoes.

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