MaryJanice Davidson : Me, Myself and Why? – Book Review***

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Meet Cadence, Shiro, and Adrienne, three sisters of a same, yet extremely different, mind. Cadence Jones works for the FBI, and in her latest case, she and her partner George are assigned to track down a serial killer dubbed, “The Threefer Killer”. Whether it be Cadence’s personal or professional life, sooner or later Shiro or Adrienne will show up and at some of the most inopportune moments. Even her love life isn’t safe, not that it ever really seemed to be safe in the first place.

Now, it appears that The Threefer Killer is leaving messages for Cadence and her sisters. Work’s gotten even more crazy, if that is possible, and her best friend’s drop dead gorgeous brother Patrick, is out to prove he can handle anything Cadence (and her sisters) can dish out. Poor persistent guy. Can she keep her sisters from eviscerating a potential boyfriend and does she even want him? Can Cadence catch the killer or are these messages leading the killer to her?

They say that there are no original ideas left out there, but New York Times best selling author, MaryJanice Davidson has proven that wrong with the release of “Me Myself, and Why?“. Davidson’s talent for creating witty characters and putting them in the most outlandish situations, continues in this latest series of books and had me turning page after page, laughing out loud, and forever wondering what could possibly happen next! Davidson just gets better and better with every new book or series she writes and this is not one that will disappoint!

MaryJanice Davidson is the New York Times bestselling author of the Undead Series (Queen Betsy), the Fred the Mermaid series, and has many other great books and compilations available. For more information on this, and her long list of other great books visit, her website or her Facebook page. If you are new to the wild and crazy MaryJanice Universe you wont be disappointed.

***I first wrote this review on June 21, 2010 but for some reason it has since disappeared from Gather so I am re-posting it.

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