Maryse wardrobe malfunction occurs at WWE Fatal 4 Way PPV divas match (VIDEO)

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GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22: Donald Trump (C) and the WWE DIVA girls attend a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)

According to various wrestling news sites, WWE Diva Maryse suffered a wardrobe malfunction during Sunday night’s Pay-Per-View event in New York.  The Maryse wardrobe malfunction occurred during the Fatal 4Way PPV’s WWE Divas match.   Maryse is the blond beauty seen pictured to the left in a WWE Divas photo hugging on Donald Trump during time in Green Bay, WI June 22, 2009.

One match on the Fatal 4Way card was for the WWE Divas Championship.  It was a four diva match with champion Eve Torres putting her belt on the line against Gail Kim, Alicia Fox and Maryse.  Eve managed to knock Maryse down and hit a moonsault flip onto her from off the corner.  However, Alicia Fox quickly grabbed Eve and threw her out of the ring before she could make a pin.  Apparently, when Alicia Fox tossed the champion Eve out of the ring and went to pin Maryse, part of Maryse’s lower outfit “slipped” out of place.  Alicia Fox went on to become the new WWE Divas Champion as a result of the pin.  Maryse has gone on to become Ted Dibiase’s new personal assistant, as he fired Virgil on Monday night.  Maybe Ted saw the wardrobe slip?

WWE obviously didn’t plan the incident, but also won’t minds a bit of extra attention.  “Maryse wardrobe malfunction” was one of the top Google hot searches late Monday night.  The Maryse wardrobe malfunction was reportedly caught on video by several fans who record the show, and many are already uploading the pic onto the internet. 

This won’t be the first wardrobe mishap within WWE for its divas, as one of its top divas in the past Lita (Amy Dumas) saw part of her breast exposed on the live Monday Night Raw show.  Photos of that incident have also been in rotation on the net, as have various “thong slips” from different divas over the years.

A YouTube user uploaded the divas match video from Fatal Fourway hours ago, but the malfunction was not caught on the WWE’s PPV airing.  Here’s the WWE Divas Championship match YouTube video from the Fatal 4Way PPV 2010 featuring Maryse, Eve, Gail Kim and Alicia Fox!

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