Marysol Patton Splits from Husband

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Marysol Patton and Phillippe Pautesta-Herda married on an episode of Real Housewives of Miami‘s first season and while the show has returned for a second season, their marriage has not. As fans saw on last night’s season 2 premiere, the couple has separated.

During the episode, Marysol was seen speaking with her mother about Phillippe moving out of her home. The straight shooting Mama Elsa, who thinks Marysol is better off without him, told her, “I think if you are not getting along, you must be relieved of the situation.” She also added, “I know this is not the Romeo of your life.”

Marysol got emotional but Mama didn’t flinch and told her, “At my age, I can say whatever I want.” Although Marysol may have wanted her to be a bit more sensitive about her split from Phillippe, she later admitted that she’s almost always right. Mama knows best!

While the details surrounding Marysol Patton and Phillippe Pautesta-Herda’s split are unknown, it would be safe to assume that we’ll find out more as Real Housewives of Miami season 2 progresses. Be sure to tune in every Thursday night at 9/8c.

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