Mass. Gas Explosion; Third in Six Weeks, Coincidence?

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Forty-two buildings were damaged in the latest natural gas explosion in Springfield, Massachusetts. There were also explosions in Indiana on November 10 and in Colorado on October 12. That’s a total of three natural gas disasters within the past six weeks. More than a bit unusual.

The latest explosion happened in Springfield, Massachusetts on Friday, November 23. The damage thus far includes 42 buildings and 18 injured people, no deaths. A gas leak had been reported about an hour prior to the explosion that leveled Scores Gentlemen’s Club. The blast blew out windows more than three blocks away.

Coincidentally, the residents in Castle Rock, Colorado also reported smelling gas on and off for a few days before the blast that flattened their home on the 6900 block of Sulfur Lane. No one was killed in that blast but 5 were injured.

Just days ago, authorities reported that the blast on November 10 in Indianapolis could have been caused by a remote detonator presumably from a mysterious white van seen in the neighborhood the same day. The home’s pipes had been manipulated to slowly leak gas into the home. A remote control could have been used to ignite an appliance or turn on a light switch, anything to provide a spark to ignite the leaking gas. Because two people died in that natural gas explosion, it is now a homicide investigation.

The cause for this latest blast in Springfield is still unknown and is currently being investigated.

There’s been no mention of a mysterious white van near the site but it is a more populated area and a “strange” vehicle could easily go unnoticed. Could these explosions be the work of one person or group of persons? Could they be performing tests, first in a residential neighborhood, moving to larger, more populated areas preparing for their real target at a much larger site? Or are three separate natural gas leaks that exploded, flattened buildings, and shook homes and businesses five miles away just a coincidence?

Image Source: AP Photo/Springfield Republican, David Molnar

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