Mass Grave Hoax From False Psychic Tip: Is Woman in Trouble?

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A mass grave tip from a psychic turned out to be a hoax in Texas. A woman, who said she was psychic, actually called police twice pointing them to Hardin, Texas where the dismembered bodies were supposed to be found.

Mass Grave Hoax From False Psychic Tip: Is Woman in Trouble?Early media reports stated that 20 to 30 bodies were found at the one story brown brick home as police were searching the property. This caused disbelief and disgust from the community and the nation. Now, it turns out that the entire mass grave “tip” was a hoax.

Captain Rex Evans said, “We searched the premises there is no indication there are any bodies at this residence, property or shed. There is no indication that a homicide occurred here.” What a relief! While it’s annoying that police wasted their time and this person’s property was invaded like this on the false psychic tip, it is wonderful news that there was no grisly scene awaiting when police swarmed.

Will the psychic be held accountable for her false story? Liberty County Commissioner Craig McNair said, “Whoever this person was who gave this tip we’ll be in touch with her and we could hold her responsible for giving a false tip and creating this havoc.”

That is good news. Perhaps this will keep people from calling in false tips in the future. What a massive uproar this has caused.

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