Matt Damon claims Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Hollywood prisoners?

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are so famous reporters interviewing other star celebs who know them can’t stop asking questions about them. Take, for instance, Matt Damon. He says he’s living a very “cool” life in New York City, and he is very glad that he is not a superstar like his Los Angeles-based celebrity friends Brad and Angelina. Why? Because he says they are forced to live “like prisoners.”

Damon dishing dirt on Brangelina?

In a celeb interview on German television station TELE 5, actor Matt Damon recently dished dirt about the challenges faced by Hollywood celeb Jolie and her longtime beau, Pitt. Damon told the European news station that in Los Angeles, California there are people who live like prisoners — his friends Brad and Angelina being among them.

The hot male celebrity most famous for his work in the Jason Bourne movie series and his roles playing Linus in the Ocean’s 11 movies [with Hollywood pals Brad Pitt and George Clooney] has a wife and kids. However, his life is not like that of Brangelina — they, he says, live like prisoners. His life is low-key and fairly normal despite all the wild times in Hollywood showbiz out with his celebrity friends.

Celebrity homes offer different levels of privacy in different cities

While Matt Damon and his wife raise their children in New York City, a place known to be very relaxed around celebrities, Brad and Angelina Jolie have to face what Damon called “an international incident” every time they step outside the doors of their celebrity home to take a walk with their celeb kids, or to go out on a date for the evening.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt own and rent homes all over the world, and are known for staying in the most glamorous but remote resorts in third world countries. While they have a place in Los Angeles, they also own a large historic mansion in the South of France, a house on the historic registry in New Orleans, and have been rumored to be house hunting for a crash pad in NYC for a long time.

Every week it seems as if a new celebrity scandal is brewing for the Hollywood power couple. One week, tabloid magazine covers in supermarket grocery store lines say Pitt is leaving, the next entertainment journal to publish claims the pair are planning a clandestine wedding. At every turn there is a new celebrity sighting of the famous couple and their darling celebrity kids — affording no members of the famous family any privacy.

Famous people living in famous places

Matt Damon, while popular and well-known, is not a man of interest to the press in the same way Brangelina is — and for that reason claims that despite his fame in Hollywood, he is, “really lucky… because I have the best of both worlds.”

Sadly for the Brangelina family, they enjoy all the perks and privileges of fame and fortune, but have had to sacrifice their right to privacy since the news first broke that Brad Pitt was leaving Jennifer Aniston (his ex-wife).

Unable to live their life like normal people, they have to take solace in the glamour of the famous places their Hollywood-earned cash takes them. Fortunately for Boston boy Matt Damon, he does not seem to have the same high-profile problems.

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