Matt Lauer Affair / Cheating Scandal. Not you too, Matt!

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What is with male celebrities nowadays? It seems like there is a new cheating scandal that breaks the news everyday. Keep your pants on guys, for real!

Matt Lauer has reportedly walked out on his wife of 12 years. Lauer, 52, has been sleeping with a 26 year old married woman. The couple has been on the rocks for quite some time now. Matt’s coworkers thought something was up when he stopped bringing his wife – model Annette Rogue – to company parties. Rogue and Lauer married in 1998 and later filed for divorce in 2006 but reconciled before the divorce became final. Lauer was reportedly involved with this mistress during this rough patch of their relationship. The couple has three children together.

Matt’s ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh (married 1982-1989) verbalized her horrible perspective on the ordeal: “Women throw themselves at him. Show me 10 men who are in the position he is, and I will show you nine who are unfaithful-only they don’t get caught or their wives don’t leave them.” (see his 52 year old abs above)



Is there any hope for a successful relationship nowadays? Who’s next? Pretty soon a new scandal will arise saying that Fred cheated on Wilma.

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