Matt Lauer Apologizes to Former TODAY Show Intern

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Matt Lauer apologized to a former TODAY Show intern after hearing that the intern said Matt wasn’t nice to him during his time at NBC. Has Matt always been hard to get along with? This didn’t just start up when he set out to see Ann Curry axed from her co-anchor position, did it?

Matt Lauer - New York, NYAccording to a report from E Online, Lauer sent the apology out via Twitter on Tuesday after learning that former TODAY Show intern Mark Zinni said Matt was “not so nice” during his time there back in 1997. What do you suppose Lauer did to garner this kind of comment from a former intern?

Zinni now works on air at FOX 8 News in Cleveland. His executive producer, Daren Sweeney, who has heard all about Zinni’s time at The TODAY Show, tweeted about the situation. He likely brought the subject up because of the recent buzz about Lauer and his popularity decline, as well as the big time drop in ratings seen by The TODAY Show.

“‘I was just a young kid with a bright future ahead of me,’ @markzinni talking about internship at @todayshow and ‘not so nice’ @MLauer,” Sweeney tweeted.

Zinni retweeted Sweeney’s message and before too long heard back from his own proponents as well as some of Matt’s. He also heard straight from the horse’s mouth.

So what did The TODAY Show co-anchor have to say about not being so nice back in 1997? Did he try to defend himself or note any particular instances where things might have gone differently?

“@MarkZinni huh?” Lauer tweeted back. “Always tried to be nice Mark. Sorry you didn’t think so. Hope you’re doing well. Matt.”

It’s kind of uncertain if Mark Zinni’s next move was to save face or due to complete shock at the uproar it caused. He wrote on the FOX 8 website about his “amazing internship” at The TODAY Show, and he also had the following to say about his Lauer slam.

“If you know me, you probably know that I don’t take myself too seriously,” he wrote. “So, my answer was more of a joke about being young and naive during my time at Today, but I added that he wasn’t nice to me. I didn’t slam the guy, I just made an honest comment.”

And how does Zinni feel now that he heard back from Lauer? Did it change his opinion of The TODAY Show host at all? Not really, but he was pleased to be remembered.

“Bottom line, I was shocked Matt Lauer even bothered with me and, really, he remembers me? I’m flattered,” Zinni wrote.

Will this be yet one more black mark on Matt’s TODAY Show record? Right now things aren’t looking so great for him at NBC. It’s starting to appear like a race to the finish between him and The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno–with fans wondering which of them the network will do away with first.

How do you suppose it will all turn out? And do you think Matt really was or truly wasn’t nice to Mark Zinni all the way back in 1997?

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