Matt Lauer Asking for $25 million

Matt Lauer is reportedly going to ask for $25 million a year to stay on The Today Show. The long time morning NBC anchor is under contract until the end of 2012, but earlier this week, rumors started swirling that he was going to leave the show.

Matt LauerAccording to TMZ, Lauer was not planning on leaving Today, but, rather, wanted to start salary negotiations. The popular gossip site spoke with a rep from NBC who said both claims were false. Not only is Lauer not planning on bailing (that they know of), but he’s not asking for more moola either.

It’s beyond likely that these rumors began because both Katie Couric (CBS) and Meredith Vieira (Today, NBC) are rumored to be leaving their respective shows. Oprah Winfrey and Glenn Beck have also announced their departures from their current television programs. It’s only natural that speculation about Matt Lauer’s helm would begin.

Much to the surprise of many, none of these anchors may wind up leaving (aside from Winfrey and Beck). Rumors often begin because the media needs good stories, and a lot of people eat this stuff for breakfast. So fret not, dear readers. Nothing has been confirmed just yet.

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