Matt Lauer Cheating Scandal – Leaves Wife for 26-year-old

Matt Lauer at the 69th Annual American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala

Another celebrity has been caught up in cheating rumors and this time it’s “Today” show host Matt Lauer. Supposedly, after a string of affairs, Lauer, 47, has supposedly walked out on his second wife, 39-year-old model Annette Rogue, for a 26-year-old and is now looking for a bachelor pad. In 2006, Lauer and Rogue separated temporarily before reconciling because of rumored affairs. De ja vu?

Lauer’s co-workers became suspicious of a seperation between the two when he stopped bringing her to company parties. Lauer’s affair is said to have been well known off on the set of NBC’s “The Today Show.”

Speaking about the affair, Lauer’s ex-wife, Nancy Alspaugh, told the National Enquirer: “I heard he and Annette are breaking up. I was not shocked to hear that. But it’s very sad… Women throw themselves at him. Show me 10 men who are in the position he is, and I will show you nine who are unfaithful-only they don’t get caught or their wives don’t leave them.

So sad… another dog joins Entertainment’s elite pack of cheaters and worst off is this guy actual seemed like a good guy. Not the way Tiger Woods always seemed so controlling, or Jesse James seemed like he would be a cheater. That’s just a complete shame.






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