Matt Lauer Kanye West Interview Causes Latest Rapper Outburst: Who Was Right?

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Matt Lauer’s latest Kanye West interview on “The Today Show” this week has put the rapper back in the spotlight. It has led to West once again going to his Twitter to rant and rave about the world. This is just weeks before his record is released, and just a few days after an interview Matt Lauer did with George W. Bush aired on NBC. In that interview, Matt addressed the comments made by Kanye West five years ago during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 21: Rapper, writer and director Kanye West attends the 'Runaway' New York premiere at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on October 21, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Bush had a few things to say about the remarks, including his disgust over the comments and the fact Kanye called him racist. Not willing to leave well enough alone, Lauer addressed Bush’s remarks with the rapper once he had the man in front of him for this week’s interview. However, the interview didn’t go well. As soon as the line of questioning began, West became upset. The fact that the footage of his incident from last year’s VMA’s was shown upset him the most.

However, Lauer has said on more than one occasion that showing the footage was standard, and this is something many would know to be true. In most news items and interviews, footage of the incident being discussed is shown on air to illustrate things. Lauer is not wrong in this, but Kanye West is once again playing victim. He once again feels wronged by the media. Soon after filming the interview, he ranted on his Twitter, and that caused problems as well. Will Kanye West sit down with Lauer again? Probably not. Was Matt Lauer wrong for dragging out the now infamous footage from the 2009 MTV VMA’s? No.

However, some might argue that Lauer stirred up a hornet’s nest by even bringing up the comments Kanye West made about Bush five years ago in his interview with the former president. The comments were very much in the past. No one had made mention of them in years, but Lauer brought them back out with his questions to Bush. Kanye reacted to those comments last week, and he was already on edge when he sat down with Lauer for this new interview.

This latest outburst will still be talked about for some time to come, and it could have all be easily avoided. Now the incident has been blown out of proportion. Neither side is completely right here, but Lauer didn’t do wrong by showing the footage. He just reopened an old wound that was probably better left closed. Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.

UPDATE: Kanye West Cancels Today Show Concert!

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