Matt Lauer Still Rehashing Ann Curry’s TODAY Show Firing

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Matt Lauer has once again rehashed Ann Curry’s firing from The TODAY Show during a recent interview. This comes even after Ann said in her own interview she wished Matt would just shut up when it comes to her business.

Ann CurryAccording to a report from RadarOnline, Lauer, along with Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie did a recent interview together in an effort to drum up ratings for the floundering TODAY Show. Meanwhile sources say Ann Curry is being treated like the evil stepsister because the network won’t allow her to speak out about her own firing.

Matt Lauer“This strategy of having Matt go public and speaking out about Ann being fired from the show, only proves to the public that he never liked her, and did get her ousted! The interview the cast did with New York Magazine has confirmed viewers suspicions about how truly bad things are right now with TODAY. Meanwhile Curry isn’t allowed to talk to the media,” one source explains.

It’s a pretty common feeling behind the scenes at The TODAY Show that if Matt can talk about Ann, then she should be allowed to share her side of the story as well.

These same sources say Lauer’s hand in Ann Curry’s firing caused The TODAY Show to drop to the number two spot under Good Morning America in the ratings. They have yet to recover from the dive taken last June.

“When are the suits at the network going to get it, the problem is Matt Lauer. Rolling Matt out to do media interviews trying to spin it in ratings disaster and fallout from Ann Curry’s demotion is just pissing the crew off. Many of them are saying TODAY is a s**t show. Quit the spin, and get rid of Lauer, and watch how quickly things change in the ratings!”

Network staffers aren’t the only ones saying this either. Viewers are making it pretty clear themselves by watching Good Morning America instead of The TODAY Show. That should be enough to make the bigwigs examine things are bit more closely, but so far hasn’t resulted in any such action.

Are they having as difficult a time accepting the fact that Ann Curry was way more popular than Matt? How much lower will they allow the ratings to drop before they take some decisive action in this situation?

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