Matt Lauer’s Affair! [PHOTO] Is Meredith Viera the OTHER WOMAN?! What does this mean for “normal” women everywhere?

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If this doesn’t top the list of surprising celebrity cheating scandals, nothing will.

Several news sources are reporting this afternoon that Matt Lauer has been cheating on his wife, Annette Roque, a beautiful model to whom he’s been married for six years.

It is rumored by the National Enquirer that the “Today Show” star’s marriage is ending and he has been secretly looking for his own apartment in NYC. This would almost be too hard to be believed except that Matt’s own ex-wife, Nancy Alspaugh, has confirmed Matt’s breakup.

“I heard he and Annette are breaking up,” Nancy Alspaugh, said. “I was not shocked to hear that. But it’s very sad.”

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Annette, 39, and Matt, 47, pictured above, have two children together. She is said to be heartbroken.

I didn’t know it until I was researching this story but apparently Matt has been accused by the media of cheating in the past. I always thought he had such a squeaky-clean image, but it seems that rumors of Matt cheating with his co-star Meredith Viera have been circling the web too. I’m not sure I buy that story, though. I highly doubt Viera is the other woman in this situation.

Still, if these details are true, it’s sad. It’s also just another string in a long line of cheating celebs. What does this mean for the real, non-Hollywood relationships of the world? Are we regular ladies just as doomed to end up with cheating spouses as celebrity wives are? Or is being famous just its own perfect storm for infidelity?

What do you think?

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