Matt Roloff Heart Attack – Has he DIED? Recent “Little People, Big World” Episode Has Fans Worried

38431, MAUI, HAWAII - Tuesday March 9 2010. Stars of Little People, Big World Matt & Amy Roloff are making the most of their Hawaiian vacation. The loving couple were spotted on a early morning outrigger canoe trip. They spent about an hour paddling across the waters as whales were jumping and turtles feeding. Amy, a keen photographer, didn't miss a shot with her camera at the ready. The pair shared a kiss as they arrived back on dry land before heading back to the hotel. Photograph: Will Binns, PacificCoastNews.comLittle People, Big World‘s most recent episode has it’s fans worried that one of it’s beloved stars, Matt Roloff, may have suffered from a heart attack and even worst… may have died but is there any truth to the rampant internet rumors and speculations? Personally, I think it’s very safe to say NO! Just another celebrity caught up in the Internet Death Rumor Mill!

According to, the last Little People, Big World episode concluded with “a weak Matt Roloff lying on the ground of the show.” However the website went on to state that Roloff was alive and well and not to believe internet news of Matt’s death “as all of these reports are fakes and there is no truth behind them.

To counter the death reports, Roloff’s wife, Amy, took to his Facebook profile yesterday and posted: “Zach and I made it home safe …just in time to host a big fundraising party yesterday for our friend Senator Bruce Starr and Future Oregon Governor Chris Dudley. Now after a medium night sleep.. I’m off to NYC. to do the FOX morning show (Fox and friends) and a number of other media junkets. Plane leaves in 90 min.. I better hustle.

So, it looks like Little People, Big World‘s papa is alive and well and will be set to film again with all cast members in tack! Although, to be honest, this time around I feel that the show purposely created this suspenseful cliffhanger to create buzz about it’s main star and thus perpetuated a heart attack/death rumor. Smart move but pretty despicable at the same time, just my take on it.

It seems like tv shows are failing to see when too much is enough and yes there is suspense built in but heart attacks and potential deaths are not to be easily tossed around just for ratings… then again, I guess they are.



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