Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson: Get “Witchy” Prediction of Baby Gender

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Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson decided to follow the Hollywood trend of not finding out the sex of the baby until the baby is born. However, Hudson and Bellamy have no problem using the “pendulum test” to try to infer what the sex of the baby is.

What is the pendulum test? You hang a ring with a string over the belly of a pregnant mother. Of course, Hudson wanted to be unusual and use a piece of her hair. The myth goes that if the ring swings back and forth, then the baby is a boy. If the ring swings in a circle, then the baby is a girl.

Many people believe this old wivesÂ’ tale actually works!

Kate Hudson decided to try the “pendulum test” on pregnant mother, Samantha Harris, who is an ET correspondent. After Hudson performed the test, she noticed that the ring spun in a circle which meant that the baby is supposed to be a girl. It will be exciting to see if Hudson’s prediction is correct and Harris has a precious baby girl.

Hudson admitted that she performed the test on herself when she was pregnant with her son Ryder. The “pendulum test” was correct in predicting a boy. Hudson referred to the test as “very witchy.”

Matthew Bellamy and Hudson are really hoping for a boy, so that her son has a little buddy to play with. She told Harris that she thinks the look on RyderÂ’s face will be amazing if he has a little brother to call his own.

Undoubtedly, Ryder will be happy with whatever the stork brings home. Besides if he has a little brother, the fights will be endless. Regardless, may Bellamy and Hudson live happily ever after with their dream of two messy, little boys.

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