Matthew Morrison Leaving ‘Glee’ for Good?

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Matthew Morrison is reportedly “desperate” to leave “Glee.” Will Mr. Shue actually abandon his New Directions and leave McKinley High forever? Fans are buzzing about the new gossip, and what it could mean to the show.

Sources reveal that Matthew Morrison, who recently debuted his first solo album, wants to leave behind the role that made him famous and focus on his music career. In fact, Matthew is skipping the “Glee” Summer tour this year (again) to focus on his own career, leaving ticket holders disappointed.

File:Matthew Morrison 1-LF.jpg“Bottom line, Matthew is using his album as a launching pad to leave ‘Glee.’ Matthew is cultivating friendships with big entertainers who have had success in film, theater and other areas like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elton John,” one insider revealed.

Morrison may have big time dreams, but does he have what it takes to follow Gywneth and Elton’s lead? No. At least not yet. Leaving “Glee” now in the middle of its huge popularity would most likely be a mistake for Matthew.

If he feels like he’s going places, it’s due to his “Glee” success. Leaving that behind prematurely would be dangerous to his career. What are your thoughts on the rumors that Matthew Morrison wants to leave “Glee?”


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