Matthew Rutler, the Reason for Christina Aguilera’s Recent Misfortune?

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Christina Aguilera is getting a lot of slack for her recent behavior, but is her boyfriend Matthew Rutler to blame?

Suddenly the singer is getting into lots of trouble, making negative headlines and simply looking “bad”. While this behavior seems out of the norm, Aguilera is dating Rutler and possibly there is a connection. Her divorce has been reported by TMZ to be settled from her baby’s daddy, and now is she celebrating?

Matthew Rutler seems to be a part of a self-destructive path Aguilera is on and is not helping but enabling her. Since her son is not biologically his, he apparently has no stock in his well-being or ChristinaÂ’s. After all, he was reported by TMZ to be driving, while she was a passenger.

His smug smile in his mug shot is almost enough to convince the public he is no good for Christina. Who is Matthew Rutler? Well, no one she needs the company of.

Pour me some wine please!

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