Mavericks 2010 Doesn’t Disappoint!

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Surfing is an amazing mind elevating sport that has spectators and judges in aw to the talent of our generations surfers.

Today February 12th, 2010 the Maverick’s tournament was held and all expectations were met. Mavericks, to begin with, is located in the Bay Area in the localities of Half  -Moon Bay and El Granada. Mavericks could be the mecca to surfers everywhere. The waves are enormous and the consequences deadly. The shore is nothing but an array of jagged cliff edge and just under the waves lie sharp and devastating rocks that will leave surfers and those watching shaky.

South Africa’s Chris Bertish took home the $50,000 prize winning check for first place. The swells reached 22 feet at 17 seconds between each wave…perfect conditions with waves reaching 50 feet and over. Each of the 24 surfers really wanted it but only one came out victorious. Lots of brutal wipe outs were witnessed leaving  at least half a dozen surfers dazed battered and what seemed like lifeless. However, thankfully, everyone escaped fatal or serious injury and Mavericks lives on for more years to come.

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