Max George Calls Louis Tomlinson Gay

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Max George just discovered a surefire way to turn the rivalry between One Direction and The Wanted into a brutal boy band battle – he joked that Louis Tomlinson might be gay.

As Directioners have learned, Louis hates it when fans talk about “Larry Stylinson.” Larry is the name that some delusional 1D fans have given the pretend pairing of Louis and his BFF Harry Styles.

Apparently Max saw some of Louis’s angry comments about Larry and realized that the best way to get him all riled up is to take a dig at his sexual orientation. Here’s what he said about his band’s rivalry with 1D during an MTV interview:

“It’s quite boring now. To be fair, it’s Louis though. It doesn’t seem to be any of the others.

“I mean Liam had a bit of a dig but I don’t really care. Louis seems to be the one who has a lot to say for some reason I don’t know what it is.

Maybe he fancies one of us or something?”

So according to Max George, Louis Tomlinson can’t be in a gay relationship with Harry Styles because he’s in love with a member of The Wanted. Well, at least he didn’t mention Larry Stylinson.

Louis is probably not going to respond well to this comment. He gets upset when people say that he’s gay because it doesn’t just hurt him – it also hurts his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. She probably gets tired of One Direction fans saying that she’s just a beard, and now she might also have to worry about fans of The Wanted bashing her relationship with her boyfriend.

Maybe Eleanor Calder needs to convince Louis to quit trying to make this boy band rivalry happen – The Wanted have already said that they’re going to confront 1D at the Jingle Ball in December, and it would be horrible if someone gets hurt in a fight or if the boys end up beating each other up before they’re able to perform for their fans.

So do you think that Louis will lash out at Max because of his comment?

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